Meet the "K" in K Lash & Spa

Born in Seoul and now living in Seattle, Kelly's always had a love of cosmetology. Guided by her passions, Kelly became a master esthetician and cosmetologist with a steadily growing clientele throughout Seattle and the Eastside.

Specializing in skincare, lash extensions, semi-permanent makeup and microblading, Kelly is the proud owner and operator of K Lash & Spa. "The K is for Kelly but it's also for Korean. In the same way you know about K-Pop and K-Drama, I wanted my own K-Spa! Plus Koreans are really into taking care of their skin so I wanted to represent that with the spa name."

Kelly also places a lot of emphasis on educating her clients about their skin and on keeping their lashes healthy. "K-Spa's desire is that you love how you look and feel. The combination of glowing skin and sexy eyelashes are the best way to face the world and don't we all want to feel like that 365 days a year?"